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Globally Connected Learning
Build connections and participate in active learning across our global community, thus allowing students to communicate and collaborate with classmates & academics online and on-campus.
Purpose-Driven Education
Purpose-Driven Education develops students' emotional intelligence, teaches them coping strategies to manage their time effectively, cultivates a positive mindset, and develops self-confidence, interpersonal and communication skills and a sense of purpose
5 Global Campuses
Five global campuses with partners in over 150 countries and more than 30,000 students worldwide.
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Go Global and study in our UK or Dubai campus through the Inter-Campus Transfer Programme.
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Our programmes are designed to meet the needs of our students and their future employers, offering the highest degree of flexibility and choice within the wide range of topics available. With a strong foundation of core strengths, we have the expertise to tackle a wide range of challenging and important problems. "

Prof. Igor Guz
Executive Dean Engineering and Physical Sciences

Chemical Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering / Mechanical engineering



MEng Chemical Engineering

KPT/JPS (R/524/6/0041) (MQA/FA5107) 11/26

Chemical engineers transform raw materials into valuable everyday items and develop the technology we need to create a sustainable future. Heriot-Watt University has been a leader in Chemical Engineering for over 50 years.

MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

KPT/JPS (R/523/6/0265) (MQA/FA6194) 08/27

Electrical and Electronic Engineering is essential in many of the products that impact our everyday lives, from smartphones and household appliances to robotics and energy production.

MEng Mechanical Engineering

KPT/JPS (R/521/6/0092) (MQA/FA5108) 11/26

Mechanical Engineers can drive the world toward a more sustainable future. They provide solutions for cleaner energy sources and improving the efficiency of mechanical processes in industry and manufacturing.

MEng Civil Engineering

KPT/JPS (R/526/6/0108) (MQA/FA6195) 08/27

This degree nurtures talent to solve the civil engineering problems of tomorrow’s world. It covers the main disciplines of structures, geotechnics and water and transportation engineering, equipping students with the knowledge and skills required to become a Chartered Civil Engineer.


PhD Engineering and Engineering Trades

KPT/JPS (N/520/8/0107) (MQA/FA10719) 05/26

This PhD program aims to develop research professionals who contribute to societal and economic fields through sustained scholarship, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students.

MSc Renewable Energy Engineering

KPT/JPS (R2/522/7/0030) (MQA/FA2721) 02/28

This specialist course provides a critical understanding of the significant developments in the energy system. Graduates will be enabled to develop creative solutions to problems in renewable energy capture, conversion, storage and management.

MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering

KPT/JPS (N/521/7/0182) (MQA/PA14181) 01/26

Provides an opportunity for candidates from a different engineering background to develop key Mechanical Engineering knowledge and skills required for their professional development. This programme offers an accredited route to becoming a Chartered Engineer.

For Postgraduate Studies only

All alumni who have studied for at least a year at any Heriot-Watt University campus.

WHY STUDY engineering AT

Ranked 1st in Scotland & 3rd in UK for Chemical Engineering

We are ranked 1st in Scotland and 3rd in UK for Chemical Engineering by The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022.

Ranked 4th in Scotland & 12th in UK for Mechanical Engineering

We are ranked 4th in Scotland and 12th in UK for Mechanical Engineering by The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022.

Ranked 4th in Scotland & 28th in UK for Electrical & Electronic Engineering

We are ranked 4th in Scotland and 28th in the UK for Electrical & Electronic Engineering by The Complete University Guide 2023.

Accredited internationally by IChemE, IMechE and IET

Our engineering programmes are accredited internationally by IChemE, IMechE and IET which allows our graduates to be registered as Chartered Engineers with the Engineering Council, UK.

Internationally recognised academic staff

Our academic staff are recognised internationally as qualified professional Fellows and Senior fellows by Advance HE, UK.

Watt Malaysia Exhibition & Conference

Our students participate in an annual multidisciplinary student conference and exhibition (WattMEC) to allow them to present their work on the conference platform and engage with industrial judges.


Chemical engineer
Graduates will find employment ranging from research and development, through the design, commissioning and management of the plant, to product marketing and technical services.
electrical and electronic engineer
The degree provides a broad education as well as an appropriate measure of specialisation in Advanced Electronic, Electrical and Computer Systems. Graduates enjoy excellent employment prospects throughout the industry, financial organisations, government and the professions and are well qualified to join research teams.
mechanical engineer
Many engineers make their careers in established areas, perhaps in the infrastructure industries of energy and transportation or the design and manufacture of advanced equipment. Others find rewarding careers meeting the challenges of applying new materials and intelligent systems to products and manufacturing processes.
Civil Engineer
Civil engineers face real-world challenges as they are responsible for creating, improving and protecting our immediate environment. They plan and oversee construction and rebuilding, as well as the maintenance of roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, dams, harbors, power plants, and airports.

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