BSc (Hons) Actuarial Science
BSc (Hons) Statistical Data Science

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actuarial mathematics & statistics

We are a world-leading centre of teaching and research in actuarial mathematics, financial mathematics, risk management, probability and statistics. Heriot-Watt was the first in the UK to offer a specialised programme in actuarial mathematics.

Our BSc and MSc actuarial programmes are all fully accredited by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA). Our full suite of undergraduate programmes is accredited by the Royal Statistical Society.

We are part of the Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences, pooling research and postgraduate activity with the University of Edinburgh, and we are home to the Scottish Financial Risk Academy.

We are recognised as a Center of Actuarial Excellence by the Society of Actuaries (SOA), North America. We are the only Center of Actuarial Excellence in Europe and one of only 30 other schools worldwide with this designation. With roots dating back to 1889, the Society of Actuaries (SOA) is the world's largest actuarial professional organization with more than 28,000 actuaries as members.



BSc (Hons) Actuarial Science

KPT/JPS (R/462/6/0008) (MQA/FA4167) 06/24

Our programme strengthens our students’ theoretical knowledge and ensures that they are industry-ready.

BSc (Hons) Statistical Data Science

KPT/JPS (R/462/6/0018) (MQA/FA8513) 06/27

This programme provides a blend of both theoretical and applied elements of modern statistics, and aims to give students the training in modelling, analysing and interpreting real data that is required in the economy, industry and research.


PhD Statistics

KPT/JPS (N/462/8/0032) (MQA/PA10718) 04/26

The PhD program aims to cultivate global research professionals who can make significant contributions in economically and socially beneficial fields through sustained scholarly endeavors.


Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA)

Fully accredited by the UK Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA). Graduates are eligible for exemptions from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA UK) professional examinations.

Royal Statistical Society

Accredited by the Royal Statistical Society to signify endorsement of the quality standards of the Actuarial Science programme.

Advanced Curriculum(UCAP-AC)

Recognised by the Society of Actuaries (SOA) under Universities & Colleges with Actuarial Programs - Advanced Curriculum (UCAP-AC) which is the highest level of recognition in Malaysia.

Internationally Recognised Academics Team

Our team of leading academics is internationally recognised for research, scholarship and teaching in mathematical and actuarial sciences.

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A degree in Actuarial Science and Data Science is your perfect first step to a number of high-paying, much sought-after fields, including:
Actuaries are problem solvers and strategic thinkers, who use their mathematical skills to help measure the probability and risk of future events and predict the financial impact of these events on a business and their clients.
Enterprise Risk Analyst
Enterprise risk analysts are the key talents helping companies implement enterprise risk management (ERM) in which they assess potential risks that could harm strategic objectives and implement measures to minimize or avoid those risks.
Financial Analyst
Financial analysts are responsible for analyzing financial statements and predicting the future performance of the company, including forecasting future revenues and expenditures, as well as modelling capital structure and budgeting.
Data Scientist
A data scientist's role combines computer science, statistics, and mathematics to analyze, process and model data, and interpret the results to create actionable plans for companies and other organizations.
Data Analyst
A data analyst designs and maintains data systems and databases; mines data from primary and secondary sources and reorganizes this data in a format that can be easily read by either human or machine to help businesses and organizations make better decisions.
Machine Learning Engineer
Machine learning engineers develop self-running AI software to automate predictive models for recommended searches, virtual assistants, translation apps, chatbots, and driverless cars. They design machine learning systems, apply algorithms to generate accurate predictions, and resolve data set problems.


Statistics is a major part of data science. Students in this course are given training and practical experience in modelling and methods of analysing and interpreting real data to enable them to capture and translate data patterns into evidence as a basis for action and decision-making.

Let's hear it from our students

Miracle Wong Phi Bee

Year 2, Bsc (Hons) Statistical Data Science

I chose Statistical Data Science because it is one of the few courses that had a good mix of Mathematics and Computing. It has unique Actuarial Science electives as well, which allowed me the option to apply Mathematics to areas such as Healthcare, Insurance and Investments.  As a result, I can appreciate and understand Data Science from a statistical viewpoint, as well as being equipped to apply the concepts to programming.

But what really impressed me was the quality of teaching and academic support. My lecturers are responsive to feedback and willing to answer my (many) questions. They  inspire me to look further and think deeper. As a result I deeply appreciate the value of a holistic education. Now I have an in-depth understanding of Data Science and its nuances.

David Teoh Xing Qiang

Year 3, Bsc (Hons) Actuarial Science

Choosing HWUM was one of the best decisions I ever made.These past four years have been the time of my life. The things that I love about Heriot-Watt are the lecturers, the community and the support I received throughout.

The lecturers have been very passionate in teaching and are always available for consultation, even after class hours.

I have also benefited greatly from the support of the HWUM staff. The counselling sessions with our Student Success Advisor and Effective Learning Manager helped me to better manage the difficulties and stress of university life.

The Toastmasters Club and Society of Actuarial Science EXCO teams shaped my character and gave me opportunities to lead, make friends, and work with people who carry the same ideals that I have.

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